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It Comes With The Territory

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

We prepare for things that comes with having a new life or starting a business. However we do not prepare for someone to betray us. In success, we leave out or do not think some people will deliberately do thing to take a shot at them. We do not give thought to surround ourselves with information of how to get past the situation. Of course, we are humans and it will disrupt our thinking because emotions will come forth.

What is betrayal? Betrayal is the breaking or violation of a contract, trust, or confidence by that produces moral and psychological conflict within an or between relationships among individuals, between individuals and organizations or between individuals and organizations. Hurt, discord, or disappoint come within relationships however betrayal is an intended action. The person or people involved knows what they are doing and this is why betrayal tops all things.

Although it is not a talked about situation, the feelings that are felt become very dark. The numbness you feel stops you from thinking and can cause damage to the progression of things in motion. Here are ways to help get over the situation so you will not get paralyzed from people who knew what they were doing:

1. Admit it hurt

Do not shack it off as it is nothing. Eventually it will come back up in another form.

2. Do not question yourself and ability

It wasn’t your fault, the one who caused the situation wasn’t mature or ready to leave and level up. It was their greed and ego that caused them to betray you

3. Do not hold grudges or take revenge

When you plot to get someone back or continue to replay what they did, you lose control of your life and let them rule. You have awarded them justice for their actions because you have stooped to level they wanted you to be.

In the Bling Zone, our Bling Coach let us to “understand many will come because of your bling. However when some get to understand the capacity of your bling; some will betray you but now you know how not to be paralyzed by their actions again. I’m not saying it will not cry and think why but what I am saying is keep moving. Understand it comes with the territory” – Dr. Ty Watts. We have the tools to conquer and stay in power. We must apply all we get from the Bling Team, it will keep us one step ahead of everyone.

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