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For The Moment

Discovering how and what you want out of life is an amazing experience. Learning about yourself and why you act or feel certain ways helps develop you in ways to where no one can tell you anything different about yourself. In the process, you find many things, people and places no longer interest you and during this you may find yourself alone. So it seems.

As you embrace and set the boundaries on things, you know what you will take and what you will not. You also become aware many are not into what you are doing. They tend to talk about you and say “ you are not the same person anymore”. Do not become depressed, offended or insulted. Be happy, say thank you and ask them are they ready to do and have different as well. Watch them look strange and have nothing to say.

When you start thinking you are alone; it’s time to get out and network. There are plenty of people in your same place and thinking the same thing. Those who are doing what you are, will understand the time you have and will not over step the boundaries of your business and personal life. Its only for a moment in time where you do not have the crowds around you. Once your business and life take off, the crowds will no longer be a problem. Enjoy the moment, it’s the time for you to become aware of who you can trust when the crowds comes.

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