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Come To The Front

It takes courage and boldness to leave all the comfortable place in your life to enter new territory. You have to be determined in your heart and mind to pursue your dreams over being safe behind the scenes. There is a fine line between taking time to handle business under the radar and backing away from responsibility to work in the background.

I understand everyone does not have the desire to be an entrepreneur however you can still show up and take responsibility for your life. You can still Bling Freely in your personal life. You can enjoy the freedom to shine. You can get out the shadows of your friends and family. You have magnificent qualities about you that allows others to shine too. Are you allowing what you was said about you in the past and those things that come up in the present to have you back away from being the authentic you?

I am a person who loves defining stuff. I believe once you know what something means you can identify with it and use it or know the meaning of it and leave it alone. It also helps with creating boundaries and standards to achieve your dreams. Authentic means being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. Have you allowed yourself to be true to yourself? If not, why? Sit and ask yourself this question. Open up to why you chose to fall back and begin to take actions to not settle for the background again.

It is time to give yourself permission to be who you are from the core of your bring. Let the person you hide from the world, come to the front and reign. The way to are going to enjoy life without feeling tense when certain people come in the room or walk by, embrace yourself. Accept you are no longer the best kept secret in the world. It’s time for you to come to the front. Trust yourself. Embrace yourself. You were created to do great things.

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