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Embracing Entrepreneurship


Are you are looking for someone to help you stay focused on your vision or help you to gain clarity to accomplish the initial steps to success? 

If your answer was “yes”, the MOMENTUM TIER has been designed with you in mind! In the MOMENTUM stage, you will obtain guidance and encouragement while uncovering and discovering your hidden talents! 

You will receive a monthly newsletters helping you to prepare your mindset for entrepreneurship. Giving you keys and inspiration each month that will help your faith level to expand and embrace the thought of entrepreneurship. This dynamic tier helps you to discover the passion within you that will change your life financially. 

You will be able to be a part of our monthly teleconference with other Billionairess. 

This plan will lead and guide you on YOUR excavation of the diamond in the rough to accomplish your daily goals!









Have you ever felt like life was becoming so overwhelming that you just wanted to drop everything and quit? Maybe you are the one that said, “I want to do better for myself but getting there is sometimes too much…” 

Have you ever had to fight through the voices that said, “…you will never be nothing” or “…you’re not smart enough...” where people instilled in you that you didn’t have what it takes to be great? 

Just imagine the things we would accomplish if we had the belief that we could do absolutely anything; especially, if we could maintain a level of self-esteem that no circumstance could shake. What would you be doing? 

This is the blueprint of Metamorphosis Tier. It was constructed to help build confidence by working on your self-esteem. It will transform you from the probably to DEFINITELY – from the feeling to KNOWING! No more living beneath your privileges, trying to please everyone but yourself. Now it is time to allow the Billionairess in you to soar. 

Those that sign up for the Metamorphosis Tier will have a personal itinerary of scheduled consultations where they will speak to the Bling Coach, personally. 






Masterful Marketing

$149.99/ monthly

The light bulb of inspiration and determination is on! You are working diligently towards success at a rapid pace, but you need that extra “something” to solidify your efforts! Look no more – the Maximal Tier is exactly what you need to increase your business revenue. 

The “Maximal Tier” is for entrepreneurs who desire to take their local businesses, nationwide. This is where we teach you how to package and present yourself in a way which buyers will be convinced they need to use your service(s).  

There is a full-service, in-house packaging mechanism designed to assist you in choosing the things which will help your business increase exponentially! 

Another benefit of the Maximal Tier is we teach you how to properly present and engage multiple audiences’ through worldwide social media platforms like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and your personal website. 

Those that sign up for the Maximal Tier will have a personal itinerary of scheduled consultations where they will speak to the Billionairess, personally. 

We assist you with the productivity of your business. Multiplying substantially - NET WORTH – and all while you’re sleeping!





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