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As I get up and go about my day; I am bombarded by images of successful people. They are buying stuff, going on vacations, spending their life doing what they love, laughing, smiling and enjoying lie. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how to make ends shake hands. I’m learning what I am suppose to do with my life and dreaming of buying lavish items without worrying about the price. There is a way to live that life and I am in pursue of finding out.

I watch reality TV in my free time, not for the drama but to see the progression of the characters lives. When you watch things like this, you see what you want to see and I choose to see how they move from situation to another. When you start watching the series from the beginning, you see they tell highlights of where they started. Once you get pass the foolishness, you see people who choose to say “I give up”.

What does it mean to say “I give up”? I give up commonly means to cease making an effort; resign oneself to failure. As you continue to follow the Bling Team, you will hear our Bling Coach, Dr. Ty Watts say “We are rewriting the game”. Rewriting means we no longer live by what is commonly known so I give up means those things which causes me to fail or does not appreciate my efforts, I leave alone. I give them up. I am about my business. I am going to embrace myself and live a healthy life. I am going for the best and I will not be stopped because of fear or fear of failure. How do I give up those things that are keeping me from my greatness? Glad you asked.

v Choose Yourself

There is a choice you have to make first and that is you will say yes to the things you want. You will embrace yourself and do what is needed to live your dream

v Accept Yourself

You and others have diminished the presence of your abilities and gifts. You have allowed the comfort of fitting in, shape you into giving less than your best. It’s time to stop wrestling with people and explaining why you are good at something, just do it.

v Take Action

When people begin to speak in a manner that does not promote positive actions, goodness and support; walk away. There is no need to stay and prove what yo are doing. It’s a waste of time. You have no more time to waste and letting your mind get compromised by the limitation of others.

v Accept Success; no longer admire it

You have what it takes to create and build a successful life. You deserve to live it. Live it and enjoy it

You may have thought the steps were going to help you get over your past but you are already pass it. To take the route to go into the events of the past to draw out what happen, will delay more time in getting to success. You have full capabilities to create a bright future that will out shine your past. Jump into it and go for it. The final question is to ask, “Are you ready?”

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